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June 16, 2016

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DeKalb Blower Repair Services

Our staff is trained to work on most models from every manufacturer

We can provide a full range of repair services to our product offerings and those from other industrial fan companies as well. Our service staff is capable of completely rebuilding most units from the ground up to ensure smooth operational services from the units are maintained.

For parts or fans/impellers that may require replacements, we can manufacturer those items to the original specifications to return your units to an operational status quickly and typically for less money that it would cost to purchase a completely new unit. Depending upon the severity of the unit however there are times when a new unit can be less expensive.


Our commitment to customer service

Large Parts Inventory

DeKalb Blower keeps a large variety of common fan and blower parts in stock to facilitate quick repair turnarounds. These on hand parts allow for quicker repairs in our shop and also for field based repairs.

Technical Support

Many times part repair and replacement require skilled technical support staff to facilitate drawing or designing parts to meet your unit specifications. The staff at DeKalb Blower is ready to help.

In-House Repairs

Fan and Blower units that can be taken offline and shipped to our facilities for in-house repairs can be completely rebuilt if the need arrises to ensure long lasting operations of your equipment.

On-Site Repairs

Our skilled technicians can travel to your facilities to assess and replace parts for your fan or blower units to minimize the operational downtime of your business due to the incapacity of the unit to function properly.

Incoming Repair Blower Unit

As with many units that come in-house for repair there may be a multitude of issues such as this one that require rebuilding to return the unit to an operational status for your company.

Completed Repaired Unit

After a thorough examination and multiple test, fan and blower units repaired by DeKalb Blower are ready to be placed back into your production environment with their quality being as good as new.

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