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DeKalb Blower is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of superb quality custom, semi-custom, and standard fans ranging from heavy duty industrial process fans to OEM fans to a comprehensive line of commercial supply and exhaust fans for the HVAC plan and spec market. With the expertise that DeKalb Blower has obtained over the year, we have designed and registered many patents to protect our technological advancements in the blower industry.

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ProductPatent Information
Industrial Fan AssemblyU.S. Patent No. 10,356,943
Radial Blade ImpellerPatent Pending
Forward Curved Blade ImpellerU.S. Patent No. 10,605,258
Axial Blade ImpellerU.S. Patent No. 10,605,262
Rotary SealU.S. Patent No. 10,054,130
EMWCPatent Pending
EMACPatent Pending
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