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Industrial Fan Impeller Designs

Axial Flow Fans

Axial Fans use a propeller to draw the air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. These fans can be constructed from a variety of materials making them particularly suitable for difficult or corrosive environments and are able to move high volumes of air with low static pressures.

Wheel diameters.... 15" to 72"

Maximum volume (cfm)....155,000

Maximum static pressure....4" W.G.

Special sizing available

Axial Fans are specifically designed for cost effective, reliable air movement in commercial and light industrial ducted and non-ducted applications. They also can be designed as one way or reversing models to control airflows as needed.

Many configurations available to customize the fan, optimize performance, improve efficiency. and reduce noise.

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Backwards Inclined Fans

Wheels have flat, backwardly inclined, single thickness blades Non-overloading high efficiency design used for relatively clean air applications with little or no particulate in the airstream

Wheel diameters....12 1/4" to 40 1/4"

Maximum volume (cfm)....50,000

Maximum static pressure....12" W.G.

Air stream temperature up to 1300° F

Special widths available

Backwards Inclined Fans are commonly used for clean-air applications to move high volumes of air operating at a variety of static pressures.

More efficient than Forward Curved Fans, these units are ideal for medium air flow at low to medium static pressures.

Backward Inclined Fans can be designed in different arrangements along with various impeller and housing widths.

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FHD Forward Curved Fans

FHD Forward curve wheels are ideally suited for applications involving continuous operation at temperatures ranging from 70° F to 1,800° F. The forward curve design units are often constructed of special alloy materials for high-temperature service, but can also be used in low-temperature operations.

Wheel diameters....12 1/4" to 40 1/4"

Maximum volume (cfm)....70,000

Maximum static pressure....18" W.G.

Special widths and diameters available

Forward curved fan designs are most commonly used in high heat applications due to higher air capacities at lower RPM speeds. Units are available with scroll housings and air diffusers.

Flexibility in design allows DeKalb Blower to offer round and square plug models to accommodate a wide range of furnace requirements, as well as gas-tight designs.

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Radial Blade Fans

Radial Blade Fans incorporate a heavy-duty air handling wheel and is designed for handling relatively clean air, fumes, vapor exhaust, and air with a light contaminant. The radial blade fan is constructed with heavy-gauge blades welded to both backplate and front ring.

Wheel diameters....14" to 40"

Maximum volume (cfm)....40,000

Maximum static pressure....32" W.G.

Special widths and diameters available

This heavy duty, rugged fan balances maximum efficiency while maintaining the ability to handle abrasive or corrosive air streams with a self cleaning blade. Used in applications that require medium airflows with medium to high static pressures.

Radial blade fan designs allow for maximum volume capacities at moderate to high static pressures.

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