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FHD Plug Fan Assemblies

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MAXX and FLO Available

Air Dam - Fiber Shaft Seal

This is the standard sealing arrangement. Multiple ceramic fiber gaskets are sandwiched between retainers. The gaskets are cut to be a snug fit around the fan shaft. This method of sealing is not gas tight. The air dam blocks radiant heat from the fan exterior components as well as reducing air leakage into or out of the furnace / oven.

Custom Sizes Available

Sample CAD File

FHD 165 Plug Fan

Dimensions should not be used unless certified

  • Insulated plugs are also available with square and round mounting flanges and insulated plug alloys. Consult factory
  • Standard catalog square mounting flange with round insulated plug alloy
  • Plug insulation thickness available from 0"-18" (STD. 6")
  • Available without motor and drives
FHD Plug Fan Assembly Image

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