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Our problem fan was not made by Dekalb Blower, can it be interchanged?

ABSOLUTELY! Provided a few details, we can have things changed out and up and running in no time!

We don’t see an exact fit for our application in your standard library. Can changes be made?

ABSOLUTELY! We will make any changes necessary to provide the best fit for any particular application.

We have an emergency break down and production is halted. Can you assist?

ABSOLUTELY! Customer satisfaction is #1 on our list, and many times we will work around the clock to have you up and running in no time! Our in house machining and manufacturing capabilities minimize any down time.

We have had a fan failure and heavy vibration on a fan that is not yours, what can be done?

Many times if the condition of the fan is still good, but the impeller or any other component has failed, we can make a clean interchange to just the faulty component, and the remainder of the blower can remain free of re-work. This saves you time and money in rework costs.

How long till we can have a quote? We need it in a hurry.

NO PROBLEM! Many times within minutes depending on the product and application.

Do you offer modeling or CAD blocks of your fan assemblies so we may implement them into our final assembly?

ABSOLUTELY! We offer many models in both 2D and 3D scaled models.

We need a prototype fan, but the application is unique and may require some testing prior.

NO PROBLEM! We will be happy to assist. We have testing capabilities in house, and would even enjoy your company in assisting to getting things where needed!

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