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FHD Exhaust Blowers Insulated Housings

CAD File Downloads

MAXX and FLO Available

Integral Motor Slide Base built into the bearing support structure as standard. Economical and saves valuable space on tight installs. Much heavier duty design than the alternative loose mounting motor slide frame or rails.

Custom Sizes Available

Dimensions should not be used unless certified

  • H dimension refers to discharge position to corresponding figure 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Dimension H1 (figure 1) down blast discharge requires special T dimension. Consult factory
  • Motor mount is standard on same side of Fan Discharge.
  • All dimensions are in inches
Optional Mounting Sleeve Flange With Studs
Available With Mounting Sleeve Extending 1/16" Past Structure For Easy Install / Weld
FHD Insulated Exhaust Assembly

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